The Unconventional Runner – Week 3

Unfortunately, circumstances meant that the turnout for this week's Unconventional Couch to 5k was not as high as previous weeks.

Life happened this week. You know, when traffic gets in the way, home life means you cannot have the evening as planned, kids play up and work gets in the way. In the end, it was only me and one other lady who were still free to undertake week 3 of the Couch to 5k challenge. After a discussion we decided to not meet at the park and undertake running by ourselves.

I was already at the park when the decision was made to cancel the event, but as I had a massive bag on me and there were no lockers on the site I was unable to go for a run. Instead I got picked up and taken home in a rather subdued manner.

The next day (today) I woke up in an appalling mood and it took me a good few hours to figure out why.

Had I had a bad night sleep? Had I had too much sleep? Was it just end of week tiredness making me grouchy? Was it due to my partner having left a pile of washing up?

No, I realised that it was because I missed my run. Obviously I had missed my run because I had not gone out, but I also mentally missed my run.

I was surprised that in just two weeks I had got used to my weekly run and that I missed it if I didn’t do it. This revelation got me to thinking……  is one night a week enough? Should I rely on just the one night to get my running fix? Or should I create more opportunities for me to get my trainers on?

Originally I had started the running group as I wanted motivation, companionship and a good excuse, but relying on other people meant that on occasion (like last night) I may get let down.

So as of this week I am going to create myself more opportunities to run. I’m not talking about getting up at 5am every day, but having the confidence to know that even a few times round the block is possible. I can just put my trainers on and go out for a run.

This picture absolutely sums up how I felt having missed my run!
This picture absolutely sums up how I felt having missed my run!

Next week I’ll have restarted my weekly run with the ladies, but I am hopeful that I’ll also be able to update you with my first solo run!