We’ve got 50 Free Places for the Great Birmingham 10k!

What better way to reward some of our volunteers and runners!

This is certainly an exciting time to be running in Birmingham! The Great Birmingham 10k is back for it’s second year, looming on the horizon of thousands of runners from all around our city. Coupled to┬áthis, runners have been flocking to Run Birmingham events left, right and centre. Since the turn of 2016, we’ve seen a HUGE surge of runners, from a massive range of backgrounds and running abilities.

It’s been so fantastic, here at Run Birmingham we feel like a reward is in order!

Therefore, we’ve decided to give away 50 places to the Great Birmingham 10k. What’s more? In true Run Birmingham style, these places will be absolutely free!

Tens of Thousands of runners from around Birmingham enjoyed the Great Birmingham Half Marathon in October


These places are specially reserved for those who have been involved in the Run Birmingham project until this point. Without all of you walking/jogging/running/marshalling/coaching/baking/being generally amazing, the project would be nowhere near where it is today.

Over the weeks in the lead up to the Great Birmingham 10k, RunBirmingham.com will be announcing some of the great efforts from runners and volunteers from all around our city. Keep an eye out for anyone you know and wish them luck!

Thank you to everyone Run Birmingham have come into contact with. You’re all amazing!