Putting on a Great Run Local

Are you interested in putting on a Great Run Local? Bev is here to help!

Are you enthusiastic, sociable and love the fresh air?

If so, then being a Great Run Local event organiser is for you. This hugely rewarding position is the perfect way to maintain an active social life, meanwhile providing a fantastic opportunity for all those who take part in your event!

Bev is our women who can help make this dream happen. She’ll provide as much support as you’d like during both the setting up of the event, and whilst you’ve got it up and running. Without volunteers, the Run Birmingham project cannot function. So we’ll be here to give you everything you need, to put your own stamp on your very own Great Run Local!

Kevin leading his runners through a warm up in Ley Hill
Kevin brilliantly leading his runners through a warm up at Great Run Local in Ley Hill Park

Contact Bev on 07860946627 or bev.runbirmingham@gmail.com