New Events rolled out over the New Year

To support you in your New Years Resolutions, we're rolling out events all around the city throughout January 2016. Why not come along and see how it goes?

It’s all too familiar. Joining a Gym at the beginning of January, only to lose interest by the first week of February. The denial means your membership runs until the end of the year, but you only visit the gym twice after your honeymoon period is over. It’s a waste of money and a waste of time.

But Run Birmingham is here to offer you an alternative. We’ll get you fit and healthy, and you’ll be able to eat as much cake as you’d like. Importantly, though, we pride ourselves on bringing local community’s together. Running ‘together’ is a much more social and enjoyable experience than plodding stationary on a treadmill. This ‘togetherness’ will not only make it much harder for you to drop out, but you’ll make a load of great new friends. And on top of everything, our events are ALWAYS completely free. So it’s Free, it’s Fun, it’s Friendly, and it gets you Fit. So what’s stopping you giving it a try?

Cotteridge Park Couch to 5k programme has an incredible community spirit
Cotteridge Park Couch to 5k programme has an incredible community spirit. Even though they can’t see each other!

The only way for you to be sure whether these groups are for you, is to come along and see for yourself.

All New events are listed on our ‘Start Running‘ and ‘What’s On‘ tabs.