Join people like Becky

Since the birth of her second daughter, Becky has been a fantastic advocate of everything Run Birmingham is about. Her inspiring story demonstrates how Running Together helps make you Feel Better!

Meet Becky. Since first appearing at a Run Birmingham session, she’s lost 2 stone 11 pounds (!!) in the space of 4 months. She can now run further than 5k, and she’s taken minutes off her times in all running events. There is now absolutely no doubting that she is a RUNNER!

But she was a runner before she even started. EVERYONE is. However fast you go, however far you go, for however long you’re running, every person running is in the same boat. That’s what is so beautiful about the running community – even if you don’t know it, we’re all in it.

So what motivated Becky to find her inner-runner? She wanted to start doing some exercise but, being on maternity leave, she couldn’t afford to join a gym. The first point of call was Park Lives, which, similar to Run Birmingham, provides free activities in local parks. She started with Green Fit Baby in Ley Hill Park – a fantastic group of parents who chat their way around the park whilst pushing their young ones. The enjoyment provided by this programme inspired Becky to take an instrumental next step in her fitness schedule: she began a Couch to 5k.

Committing to a Couch to 5k is a brave decision for many people – and Becky made it. Alongside ramping up her walking (even taking her mother’s dog for long walks!), the Couch to 5k provided a perfect platform for Becky to improve her fitness: A social running group, in keeping with what she was used to with Green Fit Baby, and a qualified instructor to help guide her through. Despite, in her words “Not expecting much as I’ve never been into running“, Couch to 5k lived up to it’s name and more. Week after week she got fitter and fitter, and soon attended the Great Run Local in Ley Hill Park to act as an extra session. She said: “I never would have thought I would be out the house on a Saturday morning running!” But, she WAS out running, and her progress was inspirational to see.

Since completing her Couch to 5k in Ley Hill, Becky has joined the 5-10k programme in Cofton Park (“once again breaking the habit of a lifetime and going running on a Sunday!”), and is midway through. She continues to progress at an astounding rate, and is already running 6/7km.

It’s safe to say that Becky is an inspiration to many of us. Let’s get together and wish her luck for the Sport Relief 10k on the 15th March – who’d have thought she’d be entering this 4 months ago?! But it’s not just this event which keeps Becky going. “Every time I get a new pb I feel fantastic, and I’ve found a love for running“.

After all this, Becky now absolutely knows that she’s a runner. Well done – everyone at Run Birmingham is delighted for you!