Huge Success at Great Birmingham 10k

Last weekend, Birmingham’s running community were brought together at our fantastic, citywide 10k event. Runners and walkers of all shapes and sizes progressed around the scenic 10k route, where the gentle first 8k led up the more challenging long uphill finish. More impressive than the sheer number of people taking part, though, was the fantastic atmosphere and buzz over the course of the event. It was fantastic to see everyone enjoying themselves so much.

For those of you running, watching or supporting, on the day, you may have seen the Run Birmingham contingent making their way around the course in our white T Shirts. Our team was made up of volunteers, runners, coaches, runners, walkers, and… you’ve guessed it… more runners.



But enough from us. Let’s hear how our RunBirmingham’ers found it!

Adiba: “I never thought I would have the time to train and complete the 10k run. I thought I’d be too busy but after completing the 10k with the help of Run Birmingham and the women only running group, I feel as though I can make time to enjoy myself and feel healthy again. After completing the run I felt extremely proud of myself and felt like I could run another mile or two!

Angus: “I’m so happy I took part in this! I’ve loved taking part in Great Run Local this year as it’s a great community there, and this is just the same but on a much larger scale. The highlight was definitely charging up the long and hard hill at the end. That’s just how I like it!

Qanwal: “I would never of had thought I’d ever be able to complete the Birmingham 10K run, however with the help of great trainers and a lot of self belief even I a mother of 5 completed the run. I think
this experience was very uplifting and motivating and I now believe that anybody can do it if they have the will to do it. Thank you Run Birmingham for the opportunity.

#GreatBirmingham10k #WeRunBrum