Cofton Park Awash with Success

Couch to 5k and 5-10k programmes in Cofton Park and the surrounding area have been demonstrating significant successes in recent months. Indeed, the social basis of the Cofton Park courses even led to one Programme, upon completion of their Couch to 5k, deciding to continue running together – forming the Cofton Park runners! This group of social runners is open to all – and is a great way to meet new people whilst also keeping active.

In terms of success of Couch to 5k, however, it doesn’t get any better than the example of Debbie. From a base of no running experience at all – she decided to take part in a Couch to 5k course – and completed it on the 16th August! Whilst simply completing the programme and continuing to run the 5k distance is enough for many – Debbie had well and truly caught the running bug. After a period of consolidation at the 5k distance, and the completion of the 5-10k programme on a Sunday in Cofton Park, she completed the Great Birmingham Half Marathon on the 18th October. We’re sure she’s hugely proud of herself – she certainly should be!

A similar story of success comes in the form of Steph who, earlier this year, joined the 5-10k programme in Cofton Park, whilst also running on Wednesday evenings. Steph became so involved with the running group that she decided to take part on our Leader in Running Fitness course (LiRF) so that she could lead her own running groups and inspire others to get fit. Having people like Debbie helping to run Couch to 5k programmes is vital in maintaining a community feel in the running events and we’re indebted to her for the help she’s investing in local running. Thank you Steph!

The current Couch to 5k programmes in the South of the Birmingham finished this weekend just gone – congratulations to everyone who made it to the end! Upon completion, some participants from these programmes have registered for their first 5k event – the ‘Autumn Shakespeare’.

Whilst the runners above may have gone onto far greater things using our Couch to 5k and 5-10k schemes, it is not a necessity to continue to progress as far as these two. A large majority of our runners complete the scheme and simply maintain their ability to run 5k – and for us that’s equally as special. Don’t let the success of Debbie and Steph put you off – we won’t force you to run 10k/Half Marathons once you’ve completed a Couch to 5k – simply let it inspire you that we can help you progress as far as you’d like!


The next batch of Couch to 5ks in South Birmingham will be starting from the 10th October. If you’re interested in joining, then the dates are as follows:

Ley Hill Park – Tuesdays 9.30-10.30 – Starts 10th November 2015, entry also possible on 17th and 25th November.

Manor Farm Park – Wednesdays 9.30-10.30 – Starts 11th November 2015, entry also possible on 18th and 26th November.

West Heath Park – Fridays 9.30-10.30 – Starts 13th November 2015, entry also possible on 20th and 27th November.

Cofton Park – Sundays 9.30-10.30 – Starts 15th November 2015, entry also possible on 22nd and 29th November.

Selly Oak Park – Mondays 1.30-2.30 – Starts 16th November 2015, entry also possible on 23rd and 30th November.

Additionally, if you’re interested in joining the Cofton Park Runners then contact MICK at